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My fascination with tropical areas goes back to my first memories. When I was 4, my parents brought home a jar of tropical fish. I remember being excited by these amazing little creatures! At that time, I did not realize that the world of animals and plants would take over my life and accompany me in my every passion.

I chose zootechnics and ichthyology as my fields of study, and travel directions have always been related to the places of occurrence of the species that fascinate me. The world of plants captured my attention when I attended a tropical biology course in Borneo. Then I started to explore my knowledge about them and then collect the species that interested me. It’s also time to travel to the places where my plants come from, to learn about their natural conditions, to see how they grow and to be able to reproduce it. I started with a dozen plant species, but the collection quickly grew to such a size that the space of the apartment became insufficient. I needed a greenhouse and my dream of having a jungle came true!

I implement projects of aquariums, paludariums and other tanks that require specialist knowledge about plants and animals, their origin and breeding conditions. I also take part in spatial development projects for botanical and zoological gardens.

Plants allow me to combine my passions. Traveling allows me to move into their world, and photography allows me to show their beauty. I invite you to the gallery, where I post photos of plants from the places I visited – Plant journeys.

I participate in events all over Poland where you can see my plants live, and I will always be happy to tell you about them and help you choose specimens for your projects. The schedule of events can be found in the “Events” tab. If you would like to buy plants online, please visit the “Shop” tab, where I also described the conditions for growing individual species.

I invite you and see you!